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SuiteBackups helps your business keep track of the important stuff.

  • Backup all your document libraries, from any Office365 SharePoint site
  • Easily recover files that have been deleted, moved, or misplaced
  • Feel confident that you can always access your files and backups

Benefits of SuiteBackups

Always secure

Rest easy knowing that your documents are always accessible. Retrieve files, even if someone deletes them or SharePoint online has an outage.

Super simple

Easily locate and restore files through the SuiteBackups simple user interface. Fuss-free, intuitive & nice to look at!

Smart tech

Let our Suite tech do the heavy lifting for you with automatic backups & easy browsing of file systems from previous backups

Top Features

Automatic Backups

Every 8 hours, SuiteBackups will look for any files that have been changed. When a file is modified, it will take a copy of it and store it in a backup vault.

Easy Recovery

if you think a file has been deleted or moved, you can easily recover it using SuiteBackups user interface.

Browse Past Backups

SuiteBackups takes a snapshot of your folder structure, so you can easily browse the file system as it existed in a previous backup.

Compare Backups

By selecting two backups of any given library, you can see all the changes that have occurred between these two points in time.

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